Central Point Partners provides comprehensive business and technology solutions to help take your business to the next level. We offer customized client services, tailored to your hiring and business's needs.


IT Staffing

In today's constantly changing marketplace, the competition for top talent has reached critical mass. As turnover rates escalate and power shifts from the employer to the candidate, new strategies in recruiting and technology are essential in order to attract the attention of the best and brightest.


IT Services

Central Point Partners couples the staffing and value added reselling verticals of the company

With the ability to provide expert consultants as they relate to specific projects. We have noticed a niche in the industry to provide a central point for products and services. We offer our end clients the ability to purchase an entire IT solution without the need to deal with multiple vendors. We take care of the back end coordination and provide one point of contact for the entire project.


Value Added Reseller

Central Point Partners is a nationally recognized technology solutions reseller, marketing computer equipment, software, hardware and related products and services nationally. We have a large selection of services to help you get projects done quickly and on time. Let us help you with our expert solutions.