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IT Consulting

Central Point Partners couples the staffing and value-added reselling verticals of the company

With the ability to provide expert consultants as they relate to specific projects. We have noticed a niche in the industry to provide a central point for products and services. We offer our end clients the ability to purchase an entire IT solution without the need to deal with multiple vendors. We take care of the back end coordination and provide one point of contact for the entire project.

Central Point Partners has significant experience related to bulk staffing SOWs.


Big Data

Central Point Partners can help you tackle the challenges associated with huge data sets, structured and unstructured data and real-time responses.

We know the opportunities presented by new big data sets and help you to navigate through these to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.
Our team of architects and development staff help you build solutions using local infrastructure or cloud services.

We are partnered and working directly with the engineering teams of some of the software industry's most innovative companies to drive a more
consistent managed approach to the big data ecosystem. We can build turnkey solutions or help you get your existing
team up to speed.

Our approach to Data Platform Strategy, Design, Implementation and Management of Data is based on
direct industry experience and best practices as well as state of the art Big Data partnerships we have developed.

Our specific solutions include

  • Address IT security threats quickly by detecting suspicious behavior as it arises
  • Address your company's information challenges with our next-generation information management solution
  • Cyber security: Protect your digital assets
  • Data Warehouse Optimization: Optimize the ratio between the value of data and storage costs
  • Data Architecture
  • Big Data & High Performance Computing
  • Data Strategy & Governance
  • Enterprise Big Data Accelerator: Execute faster while harnessing Big Data's potential for tangible business benefits
  • Real Time Analytics: Leverage data in real time to become more agile

Central Point Partners has extensive experience architecting, developing, and maintaining data platforms. Our clients realize the benefits of centralized data architectures and adopting our innovative approach to tailored Logical Data Warehouse, Big Data Hadoop, and Real Time Analytics to meet their specific business goals.

We have experience on a variety of data architectures and technologies from traditional ETL (Extract Transform and Load), ELT (Extract Load and Transform) to centralized data warehouse environments, data marts, to real-time analytics into in-memory data landscapes, and finally to full data lake environments built using Hadoop for petabytes of data. Central Point Partners' expertise puts us in a unique position to help guide our clients and their data architectures to the maturity necessary to support an most agile data environment that provides direct impact to business outcomes.

To learn more about how we leverage our partnerships with various IT vendors, visit our Partners page


Information Security

Central Point Partners, is a value-added reseller of FireEye, a leader in stopping the new generation of cyber attacks, such as advanced malware

    FireEye is the only product today that can
  • Detect and stop inbound targeted "zero-day" malware attacks
  • Detect & protect against outbound data theft
  • Protect e-mail, Web & file shares

FireEye has detected malware and data loss in nearly all of the "proof-of-value" (POV) deployments Central Point Partners have conducted. We can install FireEye and provide managed services to keep you secure, compliant and resilient in this ever-changing cyber environment.

Contact us today for more information on FireEye and how we can help you.